Journal Entries: Saturday-Monday, September 22-24, 2018

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Sunday, September 23, 2018


Monday, September 24, 2018

(295.5) This weight just doesn’t make sense to me. I should be losing it. Maybe I’m more redistributing than losing right now.

Now, trying to go to sleep, my ears are ringing, but not like they normally do at times. I am hearing two different continuous tones, and one more intermittent tome that seems to have a very hard to discern pattern of breaks (stop/starts) in it. The breaks are all very short, but in an intermittent pattern of occurrence.

I didn’t hear from Family Express this weekend as was suggested to be possible. I expect to hear something today or tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest. I will be filling out more apps today. I’m thinking Aldi, Strack’s, Menard’s, and Lowe’s as targets for today. I should be filling out a few apps a day, at least.

At “church” we are talking about vulnerability and building each other up; building community. We, the people, are the church, not the building we meet in. With the community groups we are having on Wednesday’s and the way they have been started, I can see this happening. Part of the idea is that anyone can come to a community group, whether they believe in GOD or not, or if they go to church somewhere else. They can be part of the community group–building community–and going to their own regular church. We are not interested in stealing members from other congregations, but we desire to build relationships with other congregations, and with the Valparaiso community at large.

I believe our leadership has a very good vision here to pursue.

I had very broken sleep last night, but I still feel fine.

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