Journal Entries: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Yesterday Frontline proved to be interesting. I believe they are going to be doing good for a lot of people.

Things are happening that I don’t believe most people are aware of. I think people in general sense something amiss is happening, but really do not know what it is. I believe within the next 20 years, maybe sooner, events are going to occur that will absolutely terrify people if they do not have a strong relationship with Almighty GOD. I believe a very large section of the world’s population is going to fall right in line with the demands that the rising evil will be making upon them. This will exact such a heavy toll on them that they will no longer recognize or understand the difference between right and wrong or good and evil. They will only seek to survive, and achieving that, they will wish they could instead die and not be able to.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

(294.0) Did a bit of physical work yesterday; mowed both lawns and did dishes. With me being currently out of work I need to get to work around the house and yard, writing, music, and job hunting.

I must stay in the attitude of blessing Krazy Cab, and develop even a stronger core of being someone who blesses and does not curse, someone who spreads and speaks life, and not sickness and death. This loss of my job at Krazy Cab, and the forced loss at Frontline is a perfect opportunity for me to develop and mature in this. I have much to learn, and a long way to go, but I am enjoying the journey.

I have often thought that I would have to stop driving a taxi 10 plus hours a day, five days a week in order to lose weight. Well, here is my opportunity to find out.

I don’t know what is going on, I only know that I have a peace and a hope concerning my future. I have no clue what my future is, I just know my Abba Father is with me, and Holy Spirit is strengthening me, comforting me, and step-by-step showing me the way. The steps of a righteous man (one who is made righteous in Christ Jesus our LORD) are ordered by the LORD. I need only follow the lead of Holy Spirit, and He will help me firmly take each step in its own time. LORD Jesus IS my Victory. Following His Way though I may miss it from time to time, I can NOT fail. Such is the LOVE of Abba Father for me; for every one.

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