Dreams And Visions: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I saw myself looking back into time. I was about 30, but seemed to be someone else. I looked and saw a young couple (whom I have never seen before) with a baby They did not keep the baby, but it ended up in an orphanage, where the baby (where I, in this vision) grew up, and was now looking back on. I then saw the couple about 10 years later through a 9-plate window at a small, round kitchen table; the man, my dad, my father had something brown on his lap. It was a stuffed teddy bear that oddly looked old, but not used. As I continued my gaze, I noticed the woman, my mom/mother, was no longer there. My dad just looked down at the bear with regret. The bear was supposed to have been mine. My dad’s hair was now white, and looking down at the bear, he just cried alone.

What happened to them, my parents? Why did they have to give me up/away? Why did they never come back for me? I felt sorry for them.

Why would I have a vision like this? Of being someone else seeing this? Is there something or someone coming into my life I need to be prepared for? I am reminded of the song “The Cat’s In The Cradle.” It always tore my heart into pieces ever since I heard it as a teenager.

The regret and hopelessness we so often live with as life seems to pass us by. We seem powerless to make anything good of it oftentimes. We are not taught to follow and keep our focus on the LORD GOD, and always keep our trust in Him. This is the only way there is to know peace.

I feel for the man, now grown old, and I don’t even know that he is even real. Or the younger man who was seeing all this.

I find myself asking, “What is the measure of my life? What good will I do anyone?”


I went into an old-style pharmacy. There was a woman working the pharmacy, and one coming from the right as a customer. The pharmacist took one look at me and said, “You’ve had the dream,” as though she knew in this quick vision what I had seen in the other. As though she were familiar with it.

What is this? Why am I seeing this? I must trust Abba Father to show me the Way.

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