Journal Entry: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

(296.5) I need to push my weight down below 290.0, to 285.0. My weekly average still seems to be creeping down, which is good. I will get there. Praise GOD!

I filled out my new hire paperwork at Frontline yesterday. I start driving for them next Monday.

I changed my #5 workout (DB-whole body movements) to add 60 seconds rest between rounds, and the high plank from 1×90 seconds to 3×30 seconds with 30 second rest.

I need to start getting my new keyboard out and start learning simple praise songs, even just starting with chording and singing. I need to develop a lifestyle of praise. I need to make praising GOD an integral part of me. Abba Father told me years ago I would “be a man of prayer and praise”. I need to cooperate with this WORD and let it bring life to me, in me, and through me, to the glory of GOD Almighty. Praise be to GOD!

I heard a clear ‘ding’ like from a triangle at 6:26 this morning while praying in tongues.

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