Journal Entry: Thursday, September 6, 2018

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Monday I am meeting with Lici at Frontline. I need to ask her about the schedule. If group ends Wednesday at 8 p.m., it seems I will need to take a number of people home at 8 p.m. If they are all going to Valpo, I won’t finish until 8:45-9:15, then I need to return the vehicle. If I am driving people to Valpo and Portage, I may not finish until after 10 p.m. If we have a similar situation in La Porte on some evenings, it could get interesting getting enough consistent sleep. Having to get up early to work at Krazy Cab the next day could get interesting.

Yesterday I met Mike and Rachael from Frontline. When Rachael realized who I was she said they had been praying for me. I asked, about what? She said all the opportunities I would bring. Having a driver on staff would enable them to reach more people without licenses or with suspended licenses. I wonder if Abba Father has more in mind, though. I must say, either being part of an answer to someone’s prayers or having people praying for me before I even start working there is nice. I felt a jolt of life from the core of my being when she told me.

I started my new workout routine today. I think it will be good adding a third routine.

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