Journal Entry: Saturday, September 1, 2018

Saturday, September 1, 2018

(295.5) [274.4]

Yesterday two interesting things happened. The first, I believe, was a prophetic sign from Abba Father, and the second was a blessing and the start of something new.

First, I was in the Family Express in the Aberdeen subdivision using their facilities. When I came out to my taxi there was a bottle of water set where the windshield meets the hood. I thought, who in the world would put a bottle of water on someone’s car? I picked up the bottle of water and looked at it, it was not opened but still sealed. A whole new, unused bottle of water. I kept it and started considering that someone didn’t just discard a fresh bottle of water, but purposely placed it there. Not wanting to just pass this off, but to pay attention in case Abba Father was saying something to me, I began thinking, “New water. Like the washing of the water of the WORD. Then I looked at the bottle again and immediately saw a little pink circle on the label with white printing that said, “Pure life begins now.”” I had just the night before finished putting together notes that I prayed into about a worship experience I had during service on April 15, 2018. A large part of it dealt with the coals from GOD’s altar in heaven and purity. The bottle also has a circle that reads, “A future full of possibilities starts by drinking pure quality water.” The product is Nestle Pure Life water.

Now, while I was still in Family Express, before I went to my taxi, I got a call on my cell phone that I declined due to what I was doing. Which starts my second event, which very well may be (and likely is) tied into the first even. The call was from Frontline Foundation. Once in my taxi, after looking at and considering the bottle of water, I used my hands-free overhead Jabra to return the call to Frontline Foundation. They had called to offer me a job driving for them on Mondays and Wednesdays, 12 p.m. to 8 pm. For their Chesterton and possibly La Porte offices.

Frontline is a not-for-profit counseling center. I accepted the offer. I now have to notify Krazy Cab about the adjustments to my schedule this will require. I left a note/letter in with my daily shift and will have to talk to Taisha, the company manager, about this, this morning. When she finds out who I will be driving for on Mondays and Wednesdays, she will likely be much less than pleased. Frontline is a rather new account for Krazy Cab. A month ago they told me (their receptionist)P that they wished I could be the driver for all their clients. I told her they could make the request of Krazy Cab; I don’t know whether or not they did. I did, however, tell Taisha what was said. I guess Frontline was truly serious about it. I was initially approached about this on Saturday, August 25, 2018, at a Speedway by Amber, Frontline’s founder. While I feel bad for Krazy Cab, this is a new opportunity for me. We shall see how this plays out. I did not include who the opportunity was with in the letter I gave to Krazy Cab.

Of interesting note, also, yesterday I met the parents of the new driver who uses my cab at night (the cab I’m assigned to; it belongs to Krazy Cab). Her mother began asking what she would need to do to become a driver. She was only interested in driving a long day or two a week. My replacement for Mondays and Wednesdays? Most people who ask about this do not seem to follow through, but I thought the timing was interesting; particularly since she asked me, and not anyone else.

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