Journal Entry: Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018

(295.5) [275.6] Twenty pounds behind. This week and a half rest and recovery will hopefully help jump start a new drive downward. I have my CDL physical in a few month; January or February. They are also not going to be happy with all the blood in my urine, though it’s not as bad as it was January through June. The just shall live by faith. That is exactly what I am doing, living by faith.

Last night I finally put all my notes from my April 15 worship experience together. I need to proofread it and send it to Pastor Kyle.

Today I seem to feel an empty nothing. I guess that leaves plenty of room to put the WORD Of GOD and Holy Spirit than the alternative.

Tomorrow is my monthly fast, at least until I finish work; water only. A little each month will steadily make progress. Last month seemed hard. I’ve fasted before, and longer. Now it seems somehow different. There seemed to be resistance last month beyond what I have previously experienced. This may be a good sign.

Sickness and illness and disease are signs that something is wrong; not only in the body, but also that something may be wrong or amiss in the soul or the spirit. When we experience sickness, illness, and disease, we should use the research available to sere what problems of the soul and spirit they have been shown to be associated with. If we experience sickness, illness, and disease of the soul and mind, we should also avail ourselves of this research. Sickness, illness and disease are a part of the curse of the law of sin and death. We should examine ourselves accordingly in order to root out any room we may have given Satan, sin, and evil to take hold in us and put it under the blood of LORD Jesus; repent, and get cleansed of it so that we may return the Temple of Holy Spirit that we are the immediate priest of to its proper state of purity and life. This is not to condemn, but to take away any place within us that could allow the Devil any place, and to keep ourselves pure before Almighty GOD, our Abba Father.

Having spent some time in GOD’s WORD, this morning has begun filling the empty void I was feeling a short while ago. Now it is time for a little prayer and soaking in His Presence.

I asked Abba Father to help me embrace His Presence continually–the Presence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; to be always aware of Their Presence and embrace Them.


I saw a tree on a hill.

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