Journal Entry: Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday, August 30, 2108

(295.5) [275.8] Disappointing.

Last night we met with a roofing contractor. We submitted an application to get $16,000 to replace our roof, soffit, fascia, gutters, and downspouts. The finance company told us we were approved, then after a moment, told us we were approved for $5,000. Really?

We need our Father to show Himself strong in our lives. Our house need extensive repairs and remodeling; we need healings, we need to get out of debt, we need our kids to stand on their own and follow Almighty GOD, we need, we need, we need…

Our Father in Heaven is our only option. His WORD IS TRUE. When will His WORD, His Truth and His Promises have an impact on our lives? My wife has been in despair and hopelessness for years. We desperately need a victor. We need several victories.

I was invited yesterday to be a part of a community group within Bethel Valparaiso. It would be wonderful to do such a thing. It would also take an act of GOD to have the time to do so.

I talked with Frontline again yesterday. I am a bit excited about the prospect of working with them. It seems though, that the opportunity may not be quite what I have been understanding or expecting. GOD my yet surprise me and make it even better than I or they had hoped. We shall see.

I need to get back out in the garden. I am behind on all the work I need to do, not to mention the study and writing.

I am feeling down and tired today. I must keep my focus on GOD and His WORD.

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