Journal Entry: Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

(294.0) [276.2] This is interesting; a Tuesday drop instead of an increase. I have decided to take the whole week off as a recovery week from exercising. This will also give me a little more time in GOD’s WORD in the mornings.

I went to Frontline Foundations to make an appointment with their founder concerning driving for them. I didn’t actually get an appointment, but I did talk with the receptionist to get my info so Amber, the founder, could set up a time. She didn’t call yesterday. I told them I would like to do it on a Monday, my weekday off, so It doesn’t interfere with driving for Krazy Cab. If necessary, I would do it early on a Friday Morning. Also, I let them know I would be willing to drive to La Porte to talk with her. I am rather excited about this, but I must not push it. I must be patient and let Father GOD handle the timing. Ami, the receptionist seemed happy about this also. I am blessed.

Started on Salmos 1:3 for memorization today.

I just have to say it. I Am blessed by Father GOD, my Abba Father.

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