Journal Entry: Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thursday, August 23, 2018

(296.0) [276.8] Only one peak day this week; this is encouraging. 225 step-ups @ 15:01.67, and 9 knee push-ups. Just a touch off pace of 15:00; not bad, actually quite good.

It seems I have a little melody for singing the Priestly Blessing over my family. Yay! I also like to sing Psalm 1:1-3 sometimes; it brings me peace and encourages me.

I was thinking, for my birthday next week, I’d really like to have all my debt paid off and our roof replaced and paid in full. Would this solve all our problems? No, it would not; but it would help remove a lot of stress from our family, and with no debt, including our mortgage, our income would be enough to start blessing people in a more serious manner.

On verse two of Salmos 1; memorizing in Spanish.

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