Journal Entry: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

(299.0) [277.0] This is ridiculous! I ate right last night, though I did get only about 5 hours of sleep instead of 6 plus. It is as if I am fighting a curse of some kind. I know Wednesday is usually my high weight day, but I should be nearly 20 pounds lighter by now. I must keep at it. If there is a curse of some kind, I will find out what gave it room to land and infect my life. It will be submitted to Almighty GOD my Abba Father, and it will be displaced by Holy Spirit. LORD Jesus paid the price for this victory, and Holy Spirit deserves a Temple in much better shape and condition than this! I will not quit!I will not give up! I will have permanent victory! And I will shout it from the mountain tops! I will be saved, healed, delivered, protected, and made whole! All to the glory and honor and praise of Almighty GOD, my Abba Father. Praise to LORD Jesus Christ (Adonai Yeheshua HaMashiach).

About two weeks ago I moved from learning to recognize the modern Greek and Hebrew alphabets to doing the Duolingo Greed and Hebrew courses. Progress is slow, particularly with Hebrew. The Tiny Card flash cards for each matching lesson are helpful when I get tot do them. Due to the changes the past few months in Duolingo, I’ve went from 51% completed in Spanish to starting over and building a stronger foundation I also want to learn ASL. I know the ASL alphabet, but I need to learn to “speak” sign language; learning the words and communicating.

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