Journal Entries: Monday-Tuesday, August 13-14, 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

(294.0) [278.8]

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

(299.5) [278.6] There is no way that I believe this, other than possibly being backed up from this weekend. We shall see.

Used 8 pound dumbbells for the first time in my workout this morning. Heart rate, respiration, and body temp went up a lot faster. One more round (4 instead of 3) and I think I would have puked. I felt close to it.

After the incident, which I believe is prophetic; with the three Honda Odysseys I was reminded this morning of a vision I have previously had. I was driving an old model (1960’s) station wagon in mint condition. I backed out of the drive, and put the transmission in drive, and looked at Father GOD in the passenger seat. I asked, “Where are we going?” Father GOD smiled and said, “That’s up to you.”

I believe this journey I am now conscientious of being on is a journey to spend time with Father GOD, to understand Him as “Abba Father”, to get to truly know Him and His Way in all things; to mature, to grow up to think like Him so that I may be a trusted son, representing His Holy Kingdom as a responsible son would when representing his family and his Father to the world.

I do not have any idea what this will entail, but I am not done; I am traveling this journey with my Abba Father. Exciting! Interesting!

What price will be paid? What will be the cost? Better yet, what will be gained? What will be the end result? Will I finally be more like my LORD Jesus? Holy Spirit help me! This is going to be interesting.

I have the feeling I am going to finally learn what it means to truly LOVE: to truly LOVE GOD with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength; and to love all others as Abba Father LOVES them and sees them. What a perspective to have! I am going to be walking through things I never imagined would happen. I choose to not be concerned, because Abba Father is going with me. Psalm 23 is an important series of lessons. I am reminded of Steven Curtis Chapman’s song The Great Adventure.

As quiet time ends, I saw a small snake on the floor (vision). Satan wants to deceive me and separate me from Abba Father. I must purposely choose to walk with Abba Father. The snake can only live and grow if I feed him.

I feel a strong sense of great increase coming. Not only financial, but increase in goodness in every area of life.

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