On Being A Christian: Walking In His Way

I am in the Holy Ghost, yet my body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost. In this body is where I offer up thanksgiving, praise, and worship to GOD my Father, and my LORD Jesus Christ. It is in using this body in agreement with Holy Spirit that my life becomes a living sacrifice that is pleasing to m Father and LORD Jesus. It is in willingly and cheerfully joining together with Holy Spirit in the work of the Kingdom and in being conformed to the image of Christ Jesus that brings a smile to Holy Spirit’s face. When I yield my self to Holy Spirit and follow His lead, He leads me in the Ways of my Saviour. This is the true path of peace. Walking in Holy Spirit–me dwelling in Him, and Him dwelling in me–together in unity. In the Way I choose to travel through this short life, though I would choose to live 200 years or more like this, until the return of Christ Jesus, however long this body lasts upon the earth, walking in His Way will be True Life.

Jesus Christ IS The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Holy Spirit leads me in The Way, in all Truth, by the Life of Christ Jesus my LORD. Holy Father has marked my course and set my path; my Way leads to my Father’s heart, my Father’s Truth gives me direction as I walk in His Way. My Father’s Life was freely given so that I may be one with Him. The Light of the World lives within me and is One with me. My Father IS The Father of Lights. As the Light in me joins with the Light in others, how great is that Light! This Light Lights my way and gives the lost, injured and hurting along my path hope. This Light that shines in me along the Way shows others the Way, and reveals the Truth to them. When they choose to follow they will be lead to the Life; all they have to do is come and see. Whey they see, they need only to believe, for the work has been done by Him Who IS The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

If these poor lost souls cannot come and see, then it is I who must go to them; I will find them, and the Life of Christ in me will show them the Way, feed them the Truth (for we must all eat His body and drink His Blood) so that they may receive the Life–Who IS Christ Jesus.

All glory and honor and praise be to the King of kings and the Lord of lords; namely, Jesus Christ my LORD. Amen.

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