Dreams And Visions: Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018


I was in some kind of military-type unit. We were being tested for different things. I was getting a shot in the back of my arm to chemically simulate some kind of underwater experience. The shot was taking a while to administer, longer that it seems it should have. I woke up while waiting for the injections to take place. They guy giving me the shot treated me more as a friend than someone he was training and testing. He asked me before the shot if I was tired. I told him I had been tired. It felt as though I had been tired since late afternoon the day before. Apparently you’re not supposed to be tired when you do this shot test, but it needed to be done to proceed with training. I remember that when I was in line I said I didn’t want to do this. I also pulled away at first, knocking the testing stuff out of his hands to the floor. I woke up while the shot was being administered, but it seems there was a pause and I never felt the needle enter, or the feeling the chemicals in the shot were supposed to induce. I had braced myself for it though, and semi-relaxed my right arm where I was getting the shot.

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