Dreams And Visions: Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday, August 2, 2018


I was in an older building with large rooms and wooden floors. There was a worship team trying to practice in an odd set up. I went to get an acoustic guitar to join them. It seemed they needed a more full acoustic guitar sound. To get my music for the song they were playing I had to find a black T-shirt. I found it, but grabbed a group of 6 or 8 shirts. As I put the shirts down to get the music from the shirt that had it, the music disappeared. The other acoustic guitar player was trying to help me pick the T-shirt out that had the music. Suddenly, a lady around 30, I think, came with a few very pretty, feminine blouses; they were for Anita (my wife). Then Anita was there, lovingly looking at a few similar blouses laid over a rack that was just above waist high. There were rows of blouses and clothes for her. All pretty and feminine.


I saw a picture of me, standing on the side of a grassy hill, before the Throne of Father GOD, with Him seated there looking at me and me looking up at Him. Though I was my current age, I was as a young child looking up at my Abba Father on His Throne.

I believe this is an earnest beginning. I must hold on to this picture and utilize it.

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