Journal Entries: Tuesday-Saturday, July 24-28, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

(296.0) [283.0] 150 step-ups @ 11:01.22; 53 seconds faster than last Friday. I wonder how this is going to go. Will I be doing 300 steps instead of 200? I am thinking maybe so. It will be interesting to see how the weight peak goes this week.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

(297.5) [282.8] Keep at it. Patience and persistence will prevail.

Cab 29:

2-agreement, double portion

9-fruit of Holy Spirit, gifts of Holy Spirit, fruit of the womb (full term)

20-responsibility, ready for service

Holy Father, what is it going to take for every time a person gets in the taxi I drive they have an encounter with You?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

(295.5) [282.6] This slightly amazes me. It looks like I will be working up to 300 step-ups before adding weights. Also, a peak of only one day is very encouraging.

I am blessed. Continuously. Always.

Friday July 27, 2018

(295.5) [282.4]

Saturday, July 28, 2018

(295.5) [282.4] 150 step-ups @ 10:20.56 Steady improvement. Soon my high peak will be below 295.0 and my lows will be below 290.0.

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