Dreams And Visions: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dream/Vision (Night): I was somewhere in space and could see the Earth. There also was a being that seemed to be Satan. He was tall, muscular, dark black hair, reddish skin, horns; looking like a large human with horns. He wanted to go to the earth to change things. Someone, it seemed like Father, gave me a key and sent me to the earth. It seems I am to use that key to change things here on earth. It also seems that what I change with that key will not be changed back, but what I do not change will be changed by Satan. I did not perceive any malice from Satan, only that he is who he is, and he is the Adversary to GOD and His Holy Kingdom. I think my perception is thus so that I will not allow him to be my focus, but that the love of GOD, His Kingdom, and His people (His creation) on earth would be my focus.

While stretching this morning, I was pondering what key was given me in last night’s dream, and the power went out. I thought the key is the Name of Jesus (Yeheshua), and the power went back on.

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