Dreams And Visions: Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dream (just before waking):

I was in a city that felt like a war zone with many different gangs fighting. I was with a group of people and I knew of a small group of people some distance away that needed help and rescued. It seems they were surrounded by enemies with no way out; they were a peaceful group. I wasn’t told this, I just “knew” it. I didn’t appear to have any weapons other than myself. People from the group I was in didn’t seem to want me to go, and none would come with. They warned me that within a few blocks I would likely be attacked by a gang. I knew I had to go.

I got a few blocks in the city, maybe 3 or 4, then I was somewhat confronted by people 18-30 years old (?) on the corner and left side of the street, and a few to my front. They were on one knee. It was as if they were warning me I had to go back, that I was not allowed to go any further. I somehow communicated that I had to continue and braced myself for the onslaught. There were no guns, but mostly knives and metal batons/sticks in their hands, and it seems someone had a chain. Suddenly, just about 1/2 of the group jumped and killed the other half, and there was a flame-thrower type weapon with no tank. I aimed and fired it at a few different people to my front and a thick black liquid came out, knocking them down. The people that were helping me finished them off quickly. It seems their leader was a young (20 something) woman. I wondered about the weapon and why they gave me something like that to use (non-lethal). It seems they didn’t know if they could trust me. They were there to help me find and bring the group I was going to help back with me.

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