Journal Entry: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

(299.0) [285.8] A higher peak than last week, but also on a Wednesday, again.

This morning I repented of all the curses I have spoken in this house and our vehicles, and on this property, and plead the Blood of LORD Jesus to cleanse all of it. Now I need to sow seeds and make record of blessings; and fill this house with thanksgiving, praise, and worship so that there is an environment for the blessings to grow to maturity and bear fruit in.

I not only want to move from being a thermometer to a thermostat, but I want to become a comprehensive environmental control system, bringing only the environment of the Kingdom Of Yehovah, Abba Father.

I can gain victory for myself by the grace and Holy Spirit of GOD, and I can create an environment where others are free (freer) to enter into Kingdom Life. However, I cannot walk in their victory for them; I can lead but I cannot do it for them. Anita must decide to walk out, to live out her victory for herself.

1. Repentance–Bloodline Cleansing Book

2. Memorize and do the Daily Recitations mornings and evenings; and during the day when needed (and the Confession of Grace)

3. Go to “church” at Bethel Valparaiso.

4. Priestly Blessing.

5. Develop a lifestyle of speaking blessings and no cursings.

I believe these are the steps to our total victory in Christ Jesus our LORD.

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