Journal Entries: Sunday-Tuesday, July 1-3, 2018

Sunday, July 1, 2018

(296.0) [287.6]

It seems I have backtracked a little this week. I believe I will be making progress this coming week. I am getting a better control on my eating, and stepping up my exercise a touch. My evenings are hit and miss a bit for activity, but I will be making progress step-by-step.

Last night I tried to get to bed early, but again my bed was shook, so I spent time praying in the spirit, and went to sleep at around 11:30-11:40. Is this GOD talking to me because I seem to have such difficulty hearing and recognizing His Voice? I will make the result of a shaken bed prayer. Satan surely will not want me praying, and Father GOD can use this to help train me to hear His Voice.

Monday, July 2, 2018

(294.0) [287.4] By GOD’s grace I have gotten below 295.0 again. Now to continue down instead of bouncing back up.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

(296.0) [287.2] Two pounds better than last Tuesday. It would be nice to avoid last Wednesday’s peak of 300.5 and the plateau and struggle of 299.0-297.0-299.0. With better eating control this past weekend, a little more morning exercise, and GOD’s grace, I believe I will make some progress this week.

I finished the April 15th Worship Experience; now to focus on building the list of Scriptures for healing, health, and life. I need to put the Worship Experience on the computer, send it to Pastor Kyle, and possibly post it online.

I feel like I am about to become desperate for the WORD Of GOD, like I am about to crave GOD’s WORD and never be able to get enough; no matter how much I get, I will always want more.

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