Journal Entry: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

(300.5) [288.4] A bit disappointed, I must admit. However, if this high is only today, only one day, that will be an improvement. I ate two burritos (no sour cream or extras) and a salad (medium small) last night. I think I got over 6 hours of good sleep and fell revived today.

Understanding The Experience During Praise And Worship, Sunday, April 15, 2018, Part 13:

Now considering sin. Though we normally and simply define sin as “missing the mark,” we need to have a much better understanding. An illustration Bill Johnson uses is that of Being an archer taking aim at a target down range. Normally we think of missing the mark as hitting the target somewhere, but not getting a bullseye. In this we have religiously deluded ourselves, for in truth our arrow never made it far enough down range to come anywhere near the entire target, our arrow fell exceedingly short. Sadly, we also do not seem to realize that the target is our high calling in Christ Jesus that our Loving Creator Father originally created us for. From this perspective, let us look at what sin is:

In religions terms–an offense against religious moral law, an action that is or is felt to be highly reprehensible, an often serious shortcoming (fault)

In Kingdom terms–a transgression (an infringement or violation of) the law (law, duty, principle, teaching, Torah) of GOD, a vitiated (faulty or defective, debasing in moral or aesthetic status, ineffective)

I believe we need to meditate upon what iniquity and sin are from time to time to learn to understand why the LORD our GOD hates sin with a perfect and pure hatred. It is not to judge or condemn us, but because iniquity and sin separate us from GOD, clouds our ability to see and understand our identity in Christ Jesus, and what and who GOD created us to be; and prevents us from receiving, giving, and flowing in the love that our Father WHO IS LOVE created us to be as His Image and His Likeness. Sin and iniquity mar and distort the very Image and Likeness of GOD: both from our point of view, and of the image and likeness we are of Him. Sin and iniquity prevent us from truly seeing GOD our Father as HE IS, and prevents us from being able to then see who we (ourselves and others) truly are.

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