Journal Entry: Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday, June 11, 2018

(297.5) [291.4]

Yesterday’s service was good, again. I didn’t seem to be in sync with the initial praise and worship, but I was focused on GOD. I did not get into groups of 4 or 5 either. For some reason this is often, or seems often, incongruous to me near the beginning of service. To me, it takes my focus off GOD. I seem much more able to do things like this at the end of the service; or at least I am beginning in that direction. I seem to not remember the teaching and preaching, but I remember it was VERY GOOD. Afterward, we had about an hour and twenty minutes of praise and worship for those who were able to stay. I would have been happy to still be there this morning.

I find it difficult to do group prophecy, or any prophecy. I struggle with hearing GOD and knowing His Voice. As His child I should so know His Voice that when He speaks His Voice is the only thing I hear. Holy Father, please help me with this.

Again, I stayed up too late, and watched TV programs without getting a lot, or very much at all, hardly anything, done. It seems there is always something, many things, that need to be done, yet, I NEED time to just shut down, turn my mind off, and recharge.

Well, I’d better get the dishes done and get ready to go to the bank, go to eat, and do all our shopping. There is yard and garden work to be done, and a lot of things to be done on the computer.

It is a very, very good thing GOD IS with me; otherwise I’d crash, bad. His Peace is so helpful I cannot put it into words. Thank You Holy Father.

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