In My Opinion: Most Of Us Christians Are Not Real Christians

It is my personal opinion that most of us who claim to be or are called by others “Christian” are not real “Christians”. Most of us are mere shadows of what a “Christian” is supposed to be; and sketchy ones at that.

Our LORD Jesus Christ commanded us to do the works He did and greater works. Our LORD Jesus Christ commanded the original disciples to go forth and preach the gospel to all the world; to go forth in the Power and Authority of His Name just as He did, with Holy Spirit dwelling in Him, and He dwelling in Holy Spirit; to go forth doing everything He taught them to do, and to teach all others after them, generation after generation, to do and teach the same until His Glorious Return.

There are people walking the earth today whose lives give us a glimpse of how our LORD Jesus went about everywhere doing good. Sadly, many religious people who call themselves “Christians” like to make professional businesses and “ministries” of being modern day Pharisees and Sadducees, tearing down most everyone and most every ministry that moves in the Power of the WORD Of GOD, and in the Power Of Holy Spirit, in the Glorious Name of our LORD Jesus Christ. Sadly, these people enjoy having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof; often while claiming otherwise.

Our individual lives should be so full of the Power of GOD that nobody can deny it any longer.

People flocked to our LORD Jesus Christ because He showed them what it meant for the Kingdom of GOD to come, and the Will of GOD to be done here on earth as it is done in heaven. Our LORD Jesus only said and did what He heard and saw our Father say and do. Why are we not still doing the same? What are we afraid of?

People should be flocking to us, if we were real “Christians”. They would be coming for three reasons:

1. To be saved, healed, set free, made whole.

2. To hear the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD preached.

3. To see if we and the WORD we speak are for real, and if the Power of the WORD Of GOD is real.

People in general would have two reactions to seeing and hearing us:

1. Tell their family and friends where to go to get saved, healed, delivered (set free), and made whole.

2. To glorify Almighty GOD right there on the spot and to spread the WORD of His Holy Kingdom.

The religious, and particularly the professionally religious, along with those who have chosen to purposely reject and live in rebellion to Almighty GOD and instead embrace the world, and thereby the temporary god of this world will have four reactions to seeing and hearing us:

1. To call us fake and defame us.

2. To accuse us of being possessed of devils and serving the Devil himself, just as they did to our LORD Jesus Christ.

3. To demand we cease and desist or be jailed and imprisoned, just as the professional religious class did the original disciples and apostles; and as the governments did that felt threatened by them.

4. To demand our imprisonment and deaths for refusing to stop proclaiming the Name and Kingdom of the LORD Jesus Christ and doing good works in His Name.

This is the life to which we who claim to believe in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ are called to live. This is the life unto which we are born again into His Kingdom. Why on Almighty GOD’s precious green and blue earth do we fear what man can do to us more than being eternally separated from our Father in Heaven for failing to proclaim before men with our words and our lives the LORD Jesus Christ? Our LORD Jesus Christ said that if we do not proclaim Him before men, He will not proclaim us before the Father; if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before the Father. Are our lives and our words continually proclaiming Him before men? Or are we so much like the world that our very lives deny Him before men, regardless of what we say or claim to believe?

I currently work at Family Express Store #02, at 2306 N. Calumet Ave., Valparaiso, Indiana. I am blessed with the opportunity to pray for people on a somewhat regular basis there. As I continue to do so, I am seeing a gradual increase in the manifest power of Almighty GOD as I pray for people. Sometimes I feel it, others I don’t (I pray in faith seeking Abba Father, not a confirmation of His Presence), but an increasing number of the people I pray for say they do, unprompted, and often in front of a line of customers (witnesses) behind them; at times they claim that it is all over them. I believe this is a kindness and a grace of Abba Father confirming that He is listening and He is addressing our needs and petitions of Him. I am slowly seeing an increase in the positive results of exercising my faith in love for these people. A few weeks ago I prayed for a man who was going to Michigan to visit his 85 year old mother who was expected to die that night or within the next couple days. A week or so later I saw him, and she was in rehab getting stronger, and no longer expected to die. We prayed that though she was 85 years old, when our Father wanted her to come home she would do so in victory and peace, not defeated by sickness and disease. These people are the reason why I am there, at that store.

What, I wonder, would happen, if for several hours of my shift, instead of actually coming to purchase anything, people began to flock to the store to hear the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD, and to be saved, healed, delivered, made whole, protected from evil, and set free; which is the whole definition of what it Biblically means to “be saved” (sozo). What would happen if this became a regular occurrence? What would Family Express do? What would the police and fire departments do? What would the local churches and denominations do? What would the witch coven do that has made itself known to me by sending one of their “marked witches” to let me know she was there?

Better yet, what if I was not the only one that this began happening to? What if there were others in Valparaiso, Indiana, who began having the same experiences? What if there were others in the nearby cities, counties, and states experiencing the Grace, Power, and Glory of Almighty GOD in the same way?

And even better still, what if one of those people was you?

So, until this becomes my way of life, I have to ask myself, “Am I really a real ‘Christian’? Or, am I just a shadow of one, a pretender to the Kingdom of GOD?”

And it seems to me, we should all be asking this of ourselves.

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