Journal Entry: Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

(298.0) [293.8]

I feel a different this morning. I feel like there has been a shift towards the ways, things, and blessings of Yehovah.

Understanding The Experience During Praise And Worship, Sunday, April 15, 2018, Part 7:

Then my lower abdomen began experiencing the sensation of being on fire, which began to spread down my legs and up my back until my entire body felt the sensation of being on fire. I found myself asking GOD to fill me with the hot coals from His Altar, and also to bury me in them, to turn the heat up, and have the angels fan the flames and heat, and to add (pour) incense onto the coals and fire.

This feeling intensified until nearly the end of worship.

I found myself able to stand towards the end of praise and worship, with the discomfort of pregnancy slowly lessening. But it seems the fire now sometimes felt cold. I should say started to feel cold because it just couldn’t get hot enough. I just couldn’t seem to be satisfied with the intensity of the heat, and I just kept praying for more.

I believe the fire represents more than one thing: a passionate, burning desire for GOD, love, testing, purification, holiness, power, and worship.

I am thinking this fire is what was being birthed.


  • Handling fire requires wisdom and maturity proportionate to the intensity of the fire.
  • Fire requires an atmosphere in which to start, to exist, and to increase in size and intensity–our atmosphere is praise, worship, and selflessly giving, abundantly generous love–giving oneself in true obedience and humility.
  • Fire consumes.
  • Fire spreads.

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