Dreams And Visions: Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


I was walking down a path to go somewhere. It was going to rain. A couple (40ish) with a beat up car stopped to let me go with them. Their car had a cloth for a roof. As we went along, suddenly I was in a somewhat new bus on a dirt path/trail (not a road) in a thick woods. It was raining and large puddles were forming. We needed to go the way we came. Somehow, we got turned around after a long time and started to leave in the direction we came. It felt like we were out in a wooded wilderness somewhere. The path was covered with leaves. Off the path was getting large puddles as if everything could flood. I awoke. On the bus I was with a different, younger man.

Notes: The man on the bus was someone helping me. Someone I trusted for guidance–possibly Holy Spirit. The trees were full of leaves, yet the ground was covered in brown leaves. Was it actually raining or did it just seem like it? I think a medium slow soaking rain, but it seems it was going to create large puddle areas and possibly make the path impassible.

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