Dreams And Visions: Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

[1:55 a.m.]


I was in a steel mill. I was to supervise a new project. Men greeted me. As I walked, my mother said something about not getting in over my head; I’m not sure of the exact words. I replied something to the effect of, “Why? Don’t you think I can do this?” A man gave me what seemed to be a light weight, but large metal tablet that appeared to be an iron or steel alloy. There were symbols on it. As I ran my fingers over the symbols I also said, I’ve done this before, it will all come back to me. This was to be a huge project. A man came up to me and looked at me as we walked, he said, “I knew your father. I see the resemblance.” I knew I was going to be challenged with this project, but that I would do very well. I woke up.

It seemed the man may have meant Father (GOD) and not earthly father (whom I do not physically resemble at all), and know instead of knew. Also of note, for about 4 years I was a construction supervisor for DLZ Corporation, representing Bethlehem Steel on projects in their mills in Burns Harbor, Indiana and Sparrows Point, Maryland.

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