Journal Entry: Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

[6:33 a.m.]

[298.6] (296.0)

This morning I had planned on getting up at 6:30. However, something happened that has not occurred for, it seems, nearly a year, maybe 9 months. At 5:25 a.m. I was laying on my right side and felt a hand push on my left shoulder. It pushed me gently into my bed once and I awoke. I considered it for a few moments, and thought I would just go back to sleep for another hour and get up as I had planned. It should be noted that I was the only one in the room. As I was settling myself to go back to sleep I started thinking, what if this was GOD or one of His angels waking me up. I had peace, and no fear or feeling of dread as often initially occurs when I am visited by an evil presence (something I should also be including in my journaling). It took me about 12 minutes, according to my clock, for me to decide to get up.

I did not understand why this would happen, being woke up one hour early, but I had the thought, “The just shall live by faith.” I don’t need to know or understand GOD’s reason, I only need to believe in Him and trust Him enough to learn to do what He tells or leads me to do.

Having gotten up early, I will have a more relaxed morning, eve though it will be busy. It is the second day of my week with much to do. Also, I should note that I feel a peaceful energy this morning, even with one hour less sleep. Interesting too that I would also now have something to journal about, and the time to have done so.

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