Journal Entry: Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday, April 29, 2018

[298.4] (296.0)

[12:16 p.m.]

This week has been a bit of a jumbled mess from my schedule. Brett was in an accident last Monday. I’ve been driving him to dosing and work Wed. and Thurs., Anita’s car had to be fixed because of the brakes, plus tomorrow I have to get new tires put on her car at 9:00 a.m.. Yesterday Justin, Nikki, and Kaiden were in the car and got hit. This morning Brett had to go in to work extra early. Nikki went to the ER for her back, aggravated by the accident. Anita did dishes already.

I went back to bed after taking Brett and looking for Justin’s license plate on Route 20.

I feel like my mind is being ripped apart. GOD IS my Healer, and my focus is on Him. My peace is found in Him, for GOD IS PEACE, HE IS my Peace.

Anita is supposed to be going to church service with me today. That will be nice. I am a greeter in the worship center today.

Anita seems to have taken a few steps forward in her faith in the past week–awesome! Praise be to GOD!

[1:36 p.m.]

I just watched 30-40 minutes of trailers. Why is it watching TV and movies helps “reset” me to relaxed and focused?

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