Journal Entry: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

[299.4] (298.0)

Experience During Praise And Worship, Sunday, April 15, 2018, Part 1:

I found myself having to sit down during the transition from the first song to the second. Understand, I HAD to sit down. Soon I began getting very uncomfortable physically and had a pressure from withing pressing hard and upward against my diaphragm. Finding it hard to get enough breath to sing. I just set there, legs opened a bit (90 degree angle), hands sometimes on my legs holding me up trying to sit so I could breath. I was praying intensely but quietly in the spirit. After a while it felt as though my face, neck, and arms were slowly catching on fire; I noticed these were all the exposed skin areas. As time went on, the pressure feeling dropped from very high to the middle upper abdomen. I felt HUGE. I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m pregnant.” I remembered reading /hearing about similar experiences before. I was able to stand for a short time during worship, but only for a few moments and had to sit back down. As I continued praying in the spirit, after a time, the “baby” dropped from the upper middle abdomen to the lower middle abdomen. I began thinking, I wonder if I am going to give birth (as in during praise and worship). and what am I going to give birth to? I felt seriously stretched out and like I was almost overdue. The baby was getting ready to position itself for birth. Then my lower abdomen began experiencing the sensation of being on fire, which began to spread down my legs and up my back until my entire body felt the sensation of being of fire. I found myself asking GOD to fill me with the hot coals from His Altar, and to also bury me in them, to turn the heat up and have the angels fan the flames and heat, and to add (pour) incense onto the coals and fire. This feeling intensified until nearly the end of worship.

I found myself able to stand towards the end of praise and worship with the discomfort of pregnancy slowly lessening, but it seems the fire (now) sometimes felt cold. I should say started to feel cold, because it just couldn’t get hot enough, I just couldn’t seem to be satisfied with the intensity of the heat and I just kept praying for more.

I believe I began receiving wisdom and understanding concerning this experience this morning. I believe I am to journal it out this week and send it to Pastor Kyle. I believe this, the purpose of this experience, is both individual and corporate.

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