Dreams And Visions: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


A woman, light complexion, pretty, long dark brunette hair. Wearing a headpiece that goes over the top of her head and flows down the back and back sides of her head a deep red, violet, purples, and scarlet pattern; flowing and matching robe turning to her right to watch in the distance. A camel, one hump, carrying something I cannot make out, coming over a sand dune toward, but at an angle to pass the woman. She walks to meet the camel on his path and gets on him, riding off across the desert.

She was expecting the camel, and is at peace. She is going to meet someone. Her beloved? Her Prize? Where? How far? I am quite sure she will endure the journey in peace without complaint. She will remain in peace and arrive at her destination. She is protected because of whose she is. No one will dare touch or defile her. She is safe, even in the wilderness. She is honored, and she carries honor, with love and humility. She is truly beloved. Deep and passionate is her beloved’s love for her. He looks forward to her arrival with joy, expectation and happiness. The purity and virtue of His bride is unmatched in all the world, the envy and delight of all who see her, a joy to all who know her. For she is a true blessing to all she meets. A blessing that can only come from belonging, and knowing the One to whom she belongs. So is the Bride of Christ. She will arrive. He will be there to greet her, watching over her the whole way.

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