Dreams And Visions: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

[2:55 a.m.]


I was at a very chaotic street/field carnival/festival somewhere. I was riding on a horse. My dad was walking with me (we were both adults). After a while I got off the horse, and my dad said I should stay on it because he didn’t know if he had a ride back for me. We looked around a little bit more. I woke up with the chorus “This is how I fight my battles” in my head.

Then I remembered at church service this past Sunday about during praise and worship how much of the time I had to sit down because of feeling like I was pregnant, and the baby position dropping from very high to upper-middle, to lower middle abdomen.


Lady (white) in my cab. Long to medium long brown hair. Some pulled up and back with a red rubber band like holder. Green (blue?) sweater. Angel scrunched up in seat behind me. Watching over her, keeping her safe. Sometimes releases little bursts of joy into her spirit.


Black man, medium-thick build, west end of bread aisle, north side, in Portage Walmart. Angel about 8-1/2 feet tall watching over him. He has been in a few battles and is wondering if victory will come. GOD has sent this angel to help him make war in the spirit. Remain faithful, keep your eyes, heart, and mind fixed on GOD, on LORD Jesus, and He will give you His Peace. Don’t worry. Refuse to worry. GOD has sent His angel to help, and GOD has definitely got your back. Be mindful of GOD’s Presence because He is always with you. He’s got your front and sides too, and above and below.

Note: When I told Anita about this last vision, I got the distinct impression he would be there when we went shopping either this week or next week. The next week he was exactly where I saw him in my vision, but he had also been there the week before, but at the other end of the aisle. I gave him the paper with the vision and message on it. It is the last time I think I have ever seen him. He was very receptive to getting the message.

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