Thoughts And Meditations: Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday, April 9, 2018

A way of taking the Name of the LORD in vain is to pray in LORD Jesus’ Name, and not believe that Father GOD will do anything about our prayer (our petitions and supplications; what we ask). When coming to GOD, we must believe that HE IS, and we (I) must believe that HE IS A REWARDER of them that diligently seek Him. For if we diligently seek Him, we will do so because we believe HE IS, and we will continue to diligently (wholeheartedly in patience, love, humility, and persistence) seek Him until we find Him and the reward He has for us for doing so. We will NEVER give up, we will not make back-up plans, we will not make excuses. So, when we come to GOD with our needs and desires and requests let us do so, nothing wavering, because a doubleminded person receives nothing. Doublemindedness is our enemy. First we come because we think He will, then we do not connect or see quick results and we doubt or allow unbelief to grow within us. We so often deny this, without realizing how we are lying to ourselves and to GOD (WHO already knows the truth, which cannot be hidden from Him). Even LORD Jesus’ original disciples struggled with this while living in His Physical Presence for three years. We must recognize this sin for what it is: a pernicious deceit that strives to separate us from GOD, our Holy and Intensely Loving and Generous Father.

LORD GOD, help us, help me, to recognize, tear down, and violently reject any and all thoughts and imaginations that would lead me into doubt and/or unbelief. Help me to always come boldly in Holy Spirit through LORD Jesus Christ before Your Holy Throne of Grace in all times of need, desire, and trouble, nothing even having a shadow of wavering, believing that You Are Who You Are and that You Are The Rewarder of all that come before You, diligently seeking You. In LORD Jesus Holy Name I (we) pray. Amen.

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