Dreams And Visions: Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018


I’m about 18. Men and some of the football team in the medium-small southwest town have me at a practice to see if I can quarterback for them. They have no one and want me to try. I’m only getting this one practice with a game in a few days. I may get more practice, it seems. I’m disappointing. I tell them, I’ve only pretended to play one year of pop warner in 5th grade. I was never taught, but I’ll do my best. They are all disheartened. After most of them leave, me and two other boys are in the coaches office, which is not much; the coach resembles Gil Grissom. One boy finds a note with a YouTube reference to an open hand strike. He understands the last moment push of the palm. I try to explain a “secret” but he won’t listen. The secret is the double strike using a spear hand into the palm strike that makes it truly devastating. I wake up.

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