Journal Entry: Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I got up to use the bathroom and peed a lot of blood. It has been nearly two years since this started and has seemed to get worse. Originally, the thought was kidney stones. It concerns me because my mom and nana had dementia, and it seems I am communicating more slowly, sometimes/often struggling for certain words. Am I being poisoned by my kidney problem?

I began thanking GOD for my healing for a short while, then went back to sleep.

(300.5) What?

No walk today; maybe until next week. It’s too cold. Shooting for 36-38 degrees. Might have to with until next week to walk again.

Fasting evenings starts today. I need to do this for real. Prayer, study, reading, etc. No TV, etc.

I need to get serious about pursuing divine health. I’ve started a journal book for it; compiling relevant Scriptures.

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