Dreams And Visions: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


I was in the bedroom of a house and it seemed Kaiden (my then 4 year old grandson) slept in the same room as me. I went to the door (from inside the room) and as I reached for the door, Kaiden was in his little bed looking up at me (I think I was going to go to the bathroom) He was wearing a gray Batman mask that covered only his eyes.

Shortly after this dream I felt an evil, demonic presence behind me in my real bed. I opened my eyes and call on on LORD Jesus and praised Him for a moment, and the evil went away.

Earlier, I also heard a shout, seemingly coming from the spirit realm. It echoed like it was in duct work sort of. It shouted a name. The name sounded similar to “Brett”, but it seemed different

I have been up, mostly, since one o’clock this morning praying in the spirit. I must trust the LORD my GOD fro the rest and energy I need.

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