Dreams And Visions: Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday, March 31, 2018

It seemed I was in some type of industrial facility, sleeping on a comfortable spot on top of some very large vent duct work. I woke up and a guy said, “Are you just taking it all for yourself?” I looked around. They were making something that looked like glowing, light blue mentos. There were two guys. The “mentos” things were coming on some hanging conveyor in large boxes, metal boxes, to be dumped into something that I did not see. I moved out of their way and went into the next room.

It seems as I entered the next room there were two well dressed men to my right, a better dressed man near me, and a man with a beard kneeling on the floor. It seems there was a dry erase board with thoughts exposed on it that I could not read. I was pretty well dressed also. I looked down at the man on his knees and had compassion for him. The leader said, as I stepped toward the man, “He won’t understand you. He’s just a dumb rabbi.” I answered, “He’ll understand me. I’m just a dumb minister.” I squatted down near the rabbi and reached for him. He came close to me and put his head on my left shoulder, looking outward. I held him for a while. I suddenly felt a man grab me from behind and start leaning against me also. There were two more similar men that I did not see; similar to the rabbi. I awoke from the dream.

I know I had two other dreams last night that disappeared as soon as I awoke.

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