Journal Entry: Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018


Three recorded dreams in one night; interesting. The last time I began doing this I was doing more recording, and seemingly precious little sleep. GOD’s WORD to me in this was that He would make sure I would get the sleep I need. My keeping up with journaling my dreams will be the evidence of my faith and my trust in Him and His WORD.

My tithing $100 per week is the proof of my faith in GOD concerning the tithe and His Promises. I like to give. I believe I will soon be giving a whole lot more.


As soon as my last transfer shows up on my Walmart Moneycard I will be ordering the GOD IS GOOD curriculum and the book and mp3 on Kingdom Culture. Once this is completed I am thinking of doing any foundational series and one on healing.

I prayed for the Filipina lady on Carmen Street, but it seemed to not give her hope. I intend to hold on to my faith in GOD’s WORD. I laid my hands on the sick (holding her hand) and I fully expect her to recover and give glory to GOD.

I notice a lot of people talk about having faith in GOD, but what are we doing with the faith we claim to have? What am I doing with it? Where is the proof of my faith?

Read Healing Scriptures.

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