Dreams And Visions: Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018


I was working in an area in the Dunes around the mills. My job was to inspect equipment and check pumps to see that they were operating. My dad asked me about the work and why I was doing it and not something else. I awoke.


A person that I knew in the dream seemed to have some psychological problems. A man (blond hair, and with an accent from a German rooted language) was going to enter the man and ask him some specific questions, and help strengthen his mind to realize and understand the truth in the answers. He claimed he would then leave the man that needed help and would not remain in him. Others balked because it seemed like a possession, but I allowed it. It seemed he was there to genuinely help. I awoke.


I was going to investigate some happenings in a high school. I ran across a 17 year old boy in ninth grade who was having problems, but not giving up. Then there was a 15-16 year old boy who seemed to be standing on a platform for people to see because he had earned some kind of recognition. There was a blond girl/woman similar to Scarlett Johansson who wanted me to put bug spray on him. She tried, and I prevented her. She was not happy, and we had a discussion. The boy then came down the hall, and she asked him about putting but spray on, saying it would make him a man. He refused politely, and she began berating him. Then I was talking to a 17 year old boy in at an all wood study hall desk. He was only in 8th grade, trying to get back on track, but he wasn’t giving up. I encouraged him. Then there was some kind of incident at the school, and a marking of some type was left. I never saw what it was. I went home, which was an apartment in a hing rise. I was on the balcony and looked up. Somewhere over a building higher I could see a light green, freshly painted symbol that I knew was a call out. There would be another symbol there, and possibly a trap. There was a woman in the apartment. She seemed to be close (emotionally/relationally to me) to me and encouraged me to be careful, to be alert. I headed out, then I woke from the dream.

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