Journal Entry: Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday, March 29, 2018

(299.0) I feel like crying. My weight is way too high. Today it is taking way too long to do things.

I need to learn to think with the mind of Christ instead of my own natural mind. I need to see, hear, and experience things from GOD’s perspective instead of my own earthly perspective.

I feel as though I am doing a very poor job of following GOD; but at least I have not given up, and I still place my hope, my faith (however small it may be), and my trust in the LORD my GOD. If I fail, I will do so in faith; if I succeed, it will be by grace through faith because GOD LOVES me. I want no credit. I only want GOD; to know GOD AS HE IS, and to be HIS image and likeness as He created me to be.

Recite Scripture.

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