Journal Entry: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I am thinking I should get the Kingdom Culture book and the study guide, and the mp3. I should start immersing myself in Bethel teachings. I should also do their foundations curriculum. These with the GOD IS GOOD course should provide a good foundation for where I seem to be headed.

I am thinking I should start fasting dinner on Wed., Thurs., and Sat.’s. Come home, do Kaiden’s ABC Mouse Wed, and Thurs., drink some water, read, pray study, and go to bed early.

I believe driving the taxi should be my full-time ministry and I need to seek GOD and get myself properly equipped as I go. A new vehicle with a favorable agreement with Krazy Cab would be nice, or else my own (GOD’s own) Kingdom Cab. Add to this At Home Curriculum Groups and we shall see what happens. I don’t know how music and writing are supposed to fit in too, but my Father knows.

Time to do healing Scriptures.

LORD GOD, help me become LOVE.

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