Dreams And Visions: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I had two waking dreams.

In the first, I lived in a large building of some complex. It seemed I may have had one or two roommates. The rooms were large, but seemed similar to the military. It almost felt like a military facility, but the people wore normal clothes and normal hair styles. That is, except me. Though I seemed to be (to appear) around thirty and in rather good condition, I walked around completely naked. It startled me at first, but I quickly accepted it as part of the dream.

The second dream was a seeming continuation of the first dream. I was in a room used for dining, and there were a number of tables put together. I was sitting between some man and ———– (name of someone I know, is married, and  I respect removed for privacy), only we were both single (in the dream), I think. She was sitting to my right. Thinking initially of who she is in real life (while I was in the dream), and me being the only one naked, I pulled my seat a little closer to the table to cover myself. After a bit I realized her left hand was resting on my right leg by my hip joint. I suddenly excused myself and went to my room to get dressed. It looked like I was being moved out of the room, and stuff was in boxes. The clothes lockers were gone as were the beds. A man, dark haired, white, athletically built, about my height came in with a clipboard and asked if he could help me, while I was looking through the boxes for clothing. I told him I needed some clothes. He didn’t really seem to respond, or be surprised either, that I was totally naked, or that I wanted some clothes. All I could find was a packet of black short-sleeved pocket Tee-Shirts, and it seemed some white underpants and it felt like there were socks in that same box. Then I woke up.

My initial response when waking up was that I wish I had stayed at the table to see what was being discussed, and how things would progress. I have other “thoughts” about it too but I do not think it appropriate to dwell on them.

Why am I naked in both dreams? Are they related to something I “saw” this past Sunday?


I was somewhere that I could not make out and I had a long, comfortable garment on and it was being pulled over my head and off of me. It seemed I was going to get cleaned up and eventually be given a different garment. I had the sense that this represented that my old life was going to be stripped off of me and a new life given to me, a better life.

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