Brainwashing Or Brain Washing?

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, and when you stick to a Biblically consistent viewpoint you are accused of having been brainwashed? Have you ever been warned, even by other “Christians”, that you can get too much of the Bible and too much of GOD and that they were concerned that you were getting brainwashed? Have you ever been warned that some “churches” are only brainwashing you, and when you looked into them they were teaching solid Biblical faith?

In truth, I have. And sadly, many people do not understand, including many “Christians”, the difference between brainwashing and brain washing. Here is the definition of brainwashingi:

1: a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas

2: persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

Please consider with me, if you will. We are born into a fallen world and taught by this fallen world what to think, how to act, and what it believes is acceptable from the time we are conceived until the moment we die. From the time we are conceived? Yes, from the time we are conceived our spirit is knit by Almighty GOD our Creator to our body that is being developed within our mother’s womb. We are already being bombarded with the sounds of this world; television programs, commercials, movies, conversations with and around our mother; and these conversations are being received by our spirit. Television programs and movies all push an agenda. One program alone may not seem like much, but that program followed and viewed over time can influence the way we think. Even one single program, produced and directed properly, can affect the way we think about or view a certain topic or belief. Now, multiply this by the numerous programs we watch on television, Netflix, Hulu, etc., and the numerous movies we watch. Each of them carrying one or more of the world’s teachings and beliefs. You are already being indoctrinated by what you have coming into your heart and mind (spirit and soul) from the world.

It has even become fashionable to make fun of, belittle, or even shame and purposely malign those who disagree with the world’s way of viewing and believing things. All we have to do is look at the “Mainstream Media” and watch how they almost all talk the exact same way, using nearly the exact same words to attack those who disagree with the “consensus opinion” which they push continually as “truth” when often, what they have based their opinion on is not truth, is not scientifically consistent or accurate, is anti-Biblical and anti-GOD, and is frequently known and many times even proven to be a lie. To them, this does not matter; what is important to them is that you fall in line with their way of thinking. If you do not, you are considered “a poor uneducated soul” who is either “uneducated” in your understanding of the issue or misinformed. Dare you stand up to them, then you are a “bigoted hater” of whatever flavor of hater is the popular claim for that issue. This, in truth, is forced indoctrination; in other words, it is brainwashing. This is done so on such a constant and continuous basis we do not even realize we are being brainwashed into the world’s way of thinking and doing things. We just accept it as part of society and “the way that life is”.

Sadly, among the most insidious parts of government and anti-GOD brainwashing is our public school systems. School systems controlled by the government that teach what the government decides is “education”. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are no longer–and have not been for quite some time–the main concerns when educating children. No, it is more important to the government to indoctrinate them into being good globalist citizens, often teaching children things that are indeed not true. Sending our kids to colleges is also a very hazardous roll of the dice. Many of these kids come back from college as almost different people due to the indoctrination that occurs there. What else are the kids to do? Dare they stand up to their “professors”, they can be publicly harassed, failed, or expelled. So their path of least resistance is to drink the kool aid, all of it, and become compliant, mindless automatons regurgitating to the world the trash they have been brainwashed with.

Consider, we used to have history, government, and economics taught in high schools; now, instead we have “social studies”. This has been going on since the late 70’s and early 80’s that I am aware of. Many college history majors are not even required to study any American (United States Of America) history in order to get their degree. Why is that?

Who is it that is truly brainwashed? Even asking this question can get you branded as a “conspiracy theorist”, but I ask it anyway, who has truly been brainwashed? More importantly, how do you get free from such insidious control?

In order to get your brain free from the brainwashing of the world, the continuous forced indoctrination that we are immersed in, we must wash our brains clean; in other words we must ourselves conduct our own brain wash. We must cleanse our hearts and minds of the contaminated and corrupted thinking of the world and the god of this world. We must free ourselves from the domination of our thoughts and beliefs by the world system and its god. It is a serious job to do so, but it is possible, and it does take effort; serious effort, and the Grace of Almighty GOD.

So, how do we get free? We must first recognize that the world system teaches (indoctrinates, brainwashes) us to rely upon an ever more centralized authority (government), and replaces Almighty GOD with government and those who run the government, teaching us to look to and rely upon them instead of Almighty GOD. We must also understand that the god of this world hates human beings and desires to destroy all of us, regardless of what we think or believe, and regardless of whether we follow him or not. Consider the globalist depopulation agenda. For decades now, globalists have believed that our earth is not capable of sustaining more than 500,000,000 people worldwide and remaining healthy. With nearly 8,000,000,000 people on the world right now, what do you think this means? What does the god of this world, working through the governments of this world have to get people to believe?

I find it interesting that I started writing this article while I am doing a study on Psalm 1, and particularly since I am currently focused on Psalm 1 verse 2:

But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His Law does he meditate day and night…

In order to wash our brain, our thinking, clean of the contamination, indoctrination, and filth of this world and the god of this world we MUST delight in the Law of the LORD GOD Almighty, and meditate in His Law (WORD, Torah, teaching, precepts). The more we do so, the more we will cleanse our minds and our way of thinking.

Who will you choose as your shepherd? The world, the government of the world, and the god of this world, or will you choose the LORD GOD Almighty? Whom will you follow? Whose word will you believe? Will you continue allowing the world and the god of this world to brainwash you? Or will you wash your brain and thinking with the WORD Of GOD? It really is your choice, and it is a choice you alone are responsible for making for yourself.

The brainwashing of the world and its god, or the brain washing of the WORD Of Almighty GOD.

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