Dreams And Visions: Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saturday, March 3, 2018


I had a dream. It seemed that I had been on some kind of personal tour, and was able to talk with the President of the United States somehow. The part of the dream I remember details about started when I was outside some hotel/restaurant and there was a double-deck travel shuttle. A man from the President’s office told me there was a presidential voucher on the way for me, and that I could have any seat I wanted. He also said there were other benefits to having the voucher. It seemed I was to be given preferential treatment in various places just by showing the voucher, and that it also gave me certain privileges I didn’t otherwise have. I didn’t get on the shuttle yet because it was empty. About five minutes before we were to depart I got on the bus and the man from the President’s office was there. There were two seats on the lower level and a few on the upper. The inside was not what I expected. There were caged walls and floor, and some of the seats looked like jump seats. I looked at the man and confirmed that I could have any seat, even if someone was already sitting in it. He said that was correct. I looked around at the bus, eyed a couple seats I would have set in had I got on earlier, then I didn’t want to make anybody move just because I was allowed to. I sat in the slightly better lower deck seat that was still empty. The voucher was on the way and would arrive before the bus departed.

Question: was the point that I now had the voucher and had certain benefits and privileges because of the favor it granted me from the President himself, or was it to see if I would use it to displace others and lift myself up? Maybe it was both. LORD GOD, help me to walk in true love and humility everywhere I am at all times, especially when favor and blessing and privilege are bestowed upon me. Help me to serve and honor Your in how I live my life,m and to always also serve and honor others in true love and humility. In LORD Jesus Name I pray. Amen.


I was looking forward, walking on a path It was so bright I had to look down. I saw what I believe were the feet of the LORD Jesus Christ from the lower calves down, walk from my right onto the path and then start walking on the path ahead of me. I believe HE IS going before me, and inviting me to walk in His Steps.

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