Journal Entry: Tuesday-Wednesday, January 23-24, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

(294.5, 294.5) How is this even possible? A 4.5 pound increase in 24 hours? It seems that often, when I get too little sleep my weight goes up I should have been at 290.0 or below. I should also have had a low below 288.0.

I laid awake “preaching” last night until 11:15-11:30. I also woke up for a while and the computer wasn’t putting out sound while it was indeed on with the volume on playing music. I also had a rather odd experience last night; not sure what it means.

This morning I have been moving very slowly.

Anita has a SOZO this evening. It should be helpful.

We had an estimate done on the car repair yesterday. WOW! I need to get in touch with the adjuster today so we can get Anita’s car repaired. Brett said he would loan us the money. However, I believe GOD will supply the money so that we will not have to borrow. My faith, hope, and trust are in the LORD my GOD.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

(292.5) Still too high. This week’s low needs to be below 288.0.

Anita had a SOZO last night. She is going to have another one next month. Praise and thanksgiving be unto GOD!

I need a full examination of my entire life. What is not truly submitted to my LORD Jesus? Where have I deceived myself into believing I am submitted to LORD Jesus when in truth I am not? The more I am truly submitted to LORD Jesus in every area of my life, the more satisfying my life will be. This examination may be uncomfortable and unsettling, but by the grace of GOD and Holy Spirit, it will be more than worth it; it will produce much Kingdom fruit. GOD IS GOOD!

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