Journal Entry: Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018


My disappointment with my life and with myself is somewhat astounding. I am however, not giving up. I am practicing guitar 4 days each week, exercising 3 days each week, spending time with GOD five days per week, gathering with the saints each week, giving where I believe I should, tithing, participating as a people greeter at “church”, listening to more Biblical teaching during the week. It is my hope that these activities are getting me closer and more yielded to GOD.

I need to get an estimate to repair Anita’s car somehow, and to come up with money only GOD can provide We also need the INDOR checks fro 2012 and 2013 to purchase new tires for her car.


Healing The Whole Man (Joan Hunter):


1. Lead in prayer against generational curses.

2. Lead in prayer of repentance for lifestyle or diet, if necessary.

3. Command healing of thyroid or other responsible organ.

4. Lay hands on the head and command “Appestat” (appetite control center) to be readjusted to the normal level and weight to return to a correct and health range.

5. Lead them in prayer to lay all cares, stress, and worries on the altar of GOD.

6. Command the metabolism to function normally and the person’s weight to be within healthy boundaries.

Addiction (to food?):

1. Confirm desire to be free from addiction.

2. Have them repent for their rebellion.

3. Have them renounce words spoken in rebellion.

4. Speak a replacement for any damaged parts of their body

5. Speak peace to them.

Root cause is most often a rebellion that generally occurs at or just after puberty and opens the door to an addictive spirit.

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