Journal Entries: Wednesday-Thursday, January 10-11, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

(290.0) 0.5 below last Wednesday.

Anita bumped her car into the Strack’s building at work kind of hard. It did some minor damage to the front bumper–seemingly only cosmetic. LORD GOD, we will need the time and the money to take care of this.

I find myself wanting two weeks off with the money to cover the two weeks and our bills paid. It would be nice to take Anita somewhere relaxing and pleasant for about a week.


Thursday, January, 11, 2018

(290.0) I ate seven large cookies last night, sabotaging myself. I confessed it to Anita. The look she gave me… Why do I keep eating when I’m not hungry? I like to eat. I like the taste of food. Likely I am attempting to fill a void when I should instead be seeking GOD. I disappoint myself so much. How can I move beyond this? What am I supposed to do?

I wish I heard GOD clearly and knew His Voice well.

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