Journal Entries: Thursday & Friday, January 4-5, 2018

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Will I rob Almighty GOD in tithes and offerings? Or, will I honor Almighty GOD?

Will I trust GOD with my health? Or, will I die in my faith, believing His WORD? Will I go broke and lose everything while tithing and giving offerings? I have chosen that whether I experience victory or utter failure, I will do so by faith in Almighty GOD and His Holy WORD. Without faith it is impossible to please GOD. So if I fail to receive healing and wholeness, then I will do so standing in faith, believing Almighty GOD and taking Him at His WORD. If I am to experience utter financial ruin, I will do so standing in faith, believing Almighty GOD, taking Him at His WORD.. The fact that I tithe and give offerings and give to others is the testimony of my faith in GOD; the testimony that I do indeed believe.

I believe.

Friday, January 5, 2018


With all the podcasts from Gateway, EMIC, Bethel Redding, and Kris Vallaton, I should be getting plenty of WORD teaching in me. Also with Worship U. Add to these being able to listen to Holy Scripture and I should be growing in the WORD Of GOD. LORD GOD, help me to live what I will be learning in love and humility.

Will I trust GOD better and more this year? I will endeavor to do so, regardless of how seemingly easy or difficult the situations.

I was greatly disappointed at how insufficient I was for the gal who went from Rodeway Inn to Deja Vu. It is a great desire of mine to make a real and lasting difference in the life of every person who gets in the cab; bringing the Kingdom of GOD to bear on their behalf, properly representing our Father’s LOVE.

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