Journal Entry: Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

(291.5, 289.0, 290.5)

Where is the passion for GOD and people in my heart? I feel as though I am lost, disconnected, and cut off; trying to find my way to the heart of GOD.

When will I receive a Baptism in Holy Ghost, Fire, and LOVE?

How do I talk to GOD about things with a pure heart? Honest and humble before Him without being manipulative?

Often times I wish I was driving packages for delivery over long distances and not dealing with people. I can’t tell if I’m just losing compassion and love for people, or if I’m fed up because I seem to have nothing to give them to make a positive, GOD-honoring difference in their lives. I am dismayed by my own inability and distance from GOD.

LORD GOD, fully baptize me in Holy Ghost, fire, and love; please!

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