A Study Of Psalm 1: Part 2

Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the man that…

The word “is” is given in italics in the KJV. The reason for this is that it is added for flow and meaning when translating from Hebrew to English. Psalm 1:1 actually starts out אִישׁ אֶשֶׁר “, read from right to left, or ” ‘esher ‘ı̂ysh reading from left to right; hence “blessed man” is rendered “Blessed is the man”.

Though the word for “man” references the male, it is used in this case as being indicative of an individual of man. For GOD created man male and female, compliments of each other, requiring both in unity together to be the image and likeness of GOD. It is only after sin that the two were separated from each other as distinct individuals.

Let me say this a bit more clearly, the word “man” in this case indicates any human being who does what follows “that”. It applies to every individual person who will follow the directions, regardless of male or female, young or old, rich or poor, etc.


Were we to say, “Blessed is the man that…” and ended there, the listener or reader would be left thinking, “That what?”

This indicates that there are conditions to be met in order to be blessed. So we must each, individually, decide for ourselves, do we want to be blessed? Do we want to exist in a state of blessing? Do we truly desire to take the journey from where we are to where Almighty GOD our Creator originally created us to be? Remember from Part 1, being blessed is not only the end result, but a state of being during the journey. We are blessed because we know Almighty GOD, our Abba Father is with us, guiding us by Holy Spirit every step of the way; bringing ever more of the His Kingdom and His Righteousness to bare in our lives. We are being matured in the image, likeness, and stature of our LORD Jesus Christ, our Perfect Example of how we each ought to live and exist on this earth.

Conditions? Yes, there are things required of each of us to be blessed, and to learn to live in a continual state of blessing.

So many seem to think that they can just sit down like a little child who has not yet learned to walk, cry a little bit, and Abba Father will pick them up and give them everything they want. Nope, not going to happen. A little child that cannot do for itself is cute when they come up and ask for something. A fifty year old acting like that same little child is not. When we are “born again”, we are spiritually birthed into a new family, and into a new kingdom. We must now grow up just as we are required to in the natural, and learn the ways and protocols of this new family and this new kingdom. Something many seem to forget also, the Almighty GOD Who created the heavens and the earth IS Our Abba Father who LOVES us with a LOVE beyond our comprehension; yet, this Abba Father of ours IS also The KING of all creation. HE IS The Supreme Royalty of all existence, and as such, should be obeyed and honored by His Children.

If we are to grow up to be like our Abba Father, in Whose Image and Likeness we were originally created to be, then we must learn His Way of doing, living, and being. When we learn to do, live, and be according to His Way, then we will start getting the results He has promised us we will get.

Hence, “Blessed is the man that…”

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