Do We Really Understand Faith And What It Means To Believe?

I started contemplating faith, and what the Holy Bible means when LORD Jesus and others say to “believe”. I think Abba Father and LORD Jesus mean something different and something more than I (we) understand. Given that GOD’s WORD IS TRUTH, and that the LORD GOD does not change, that LORD Jesus IS the same yesterday, today, and forever, and that Almighty GOD is no respecter of persons, then, when LORD Jesus said, “These signs shall follow them that believe” and ” these works (the works I do) and greater shall ye do because I go to my (the) Father, we should be seeing the signs LORD Jesus was talking about. It seems to me LORD Jesus was saying a two-fold statement: (1) He was telling us what signs would be following us when we believe in Him, and (2) LORD Jesus was commanding (shall) the signs to follow those that believe on/in Him everywhere they go. The works and signs are a result of our faith, love, and relationship with and in Him.

Holy Scripture tells us, “All the promises of GOD are yes and amen in Him (Christ Jesus our LORD).” So, if we are not seeing all the promises, and seemingly many of us are not seeing any or hardly any of the promises, manifesting in our lives, should we not be asking ourselves, “Am I truly in Christ Jesus?” Do we truly understand exactly what it means to be “in Christ Jesus”?

Could this lack of understanding be why there are so many good sounding religious excuses attempting to exempt us from bringing to bare the Power of the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ as did the original disciples, whom LORD Jesus later called “friends”?

Greater love hath no man, that that he lay down his life for his friend(s). Has our love for LORD Jesus grown and matured to the point we are His friend? Do we in truth lay our lives down for Him?

Personally, I don’t believe we do.

I confess, I don’t think I even come close.

Dearest LORD GOD, help me in this.

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